Defying all odds – stage IV cancer patient and a beauty queen

16 Aug 2016 | Angelopedia

Where there is a will there is a way. And Sarah White is the perfect example of it. Last year in September, she learnt that her breast cancer had not only returned but spread across her lungs, chest walls and spine, making it stage IV. Like everyone else, the 36 year old, mother of two, drowned in depression. She was engulfed by the thought that she wouldn’t be able to see her kids grow up and establish everything that she wanted to. Sarah had gone through a double mastectomy and reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiation during her first cancer treatment. She is now in clinical trial for a new drug.

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Defying all odds – stage IV cancer patient and a beauty queen


It was Sarah’s friend who came to her rescue and advised her to not be bogged down by the situation and to do things that she had always wanted to do. Since Sarah had competed in Miss Teen West Virginia USA as a high school student, her friend suggested that she gave beauty pageants another try. Sarah took this opportunity to not only divert her mind off cancer and regain confidence, but to spread word about breast cancer as well. In April, Sarah entered the Miss All Star United Sates Pageant and was crowned Miss West Virginia for the Mrs. division.

The title came as a shock to Sarah who is now working in her community to spread the word about early detection, and volunteering with the American Cancer Society's "Look Good Feel Better" program where she teaches women with cancer beauty and fashion hacks.

Sarah has no plans to continue with pageants. While she enjoyed her time as a beauty queen, she now wants to concentrate on her kids.

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