Betzaida Rodriguez crowned Señorita Panamá International 2019

21 Jun 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

At the conclusion of the grand coronation night of Señorita Panamá 2019 held tonight at the Roberto Durán Arena, Panama City, Betzaida Rodriguez was crowned Señorita Panamá International 2019 and became the official representative of Panama in Miss International 2019. She succeeds and was crowned by Señorita Panamá International 2018 Shirel Joan Ortiz. This was the 53rd edition of the national pageant.

Betzaida Rodriguez is 22 years of age and all set to represent her country in Miss International 2019. The Panama beauty has already shown great promise to perform with dedication and sincerity and she wil for sure be one of the front runners at the international competition.


Betzaida Rodriguez crowned Señorita Panamá International 2019


Also at the finale, Mehr Eliezer representing Isla Flamenco was crowned Señorita Panamá 2019 and Carmen Drayton representing Portobelo was crowned Señorita Panamá Grand International 2019.

From the twenty four contestants who were competing in the national competition, only twelve moved forward in the competition as selected by the jury - Mehr Eliezer, Betzaida Rodriguez, Carmen Drayton, Carmen Jaramillo, Ana Lucia Tejeira, Angie Keith, Krysthelle Barreto Reichlin, Nathalie Pino, Andrea Parra, Mar De la Fuente, Linette Clement and Angie Daily. From these twelve contestants, the winners were chosen.


Betzaida Rodriguez crowned Señorita Panamá International 2019


Last year, Shirel Ortiz represented Panama in Miss International 2018 but unfortunately failed to secure a place in the Top. Panama is yet to pioneer its win in Miss International pageant.

Congratulations to the newly crowned queens!