Miss Universe calling for Shirel Joan Ortiz?

27 Nov 2020 | Camilla Suarez

The delegates who have represented Panama at Miss Universe stage till now have performed exceptionally well at the competition with not only impressing the judges and the audience but also being able to mark their standing in the beauty pageant world. The organization of Senorita Panama carefully chooses the delegates for international stage who assure that they are going to do everything to make the country proud.

One of the delegates that has caught our attention for the title of Senorita Panama in future is Shirel Joan Ortiz who was previously crowned as Senorita Panama International 2018 and represented Panama at Miss International 2018 where she was highly appreciated but unfortunately wasn’t placed. She seems like an ideal candidate who can represent Panama at Miss Universe stage in future.



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Shirel is 24-years-old and stands 177 cm tall and is an International Commerce and Logistics student. The diva is very passionate about modelling and beauty pageants as she has been working as a model when she was 13-years-old and excels herself as the years go by. She was placed as Top 6 at Face of Beauty International 2013 after she was crowned Miss Tourism Teen Panama 2013.

The diva has been volunteering for many years now and helps in Angels Movement that belongs to one of her friends. In that Shirel along with the team study some cases of poverty and try to provide help to the ones in need. She feels very grateful that she has a platform which she can use to do something good for the society and make a change. She is very confident about herself and urges everyone to do the same. Shirel feels that dreams only come true when you work hard for it and she has worked hard for everything and is grateful for the people who have helped her in working hard when she felt like giving up.



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Shirel explains her stint at Senorita Panama 2018 as one of the most memorable ones as she got to meet such wonderful divas from the country which has helped her to evolve as a human. She mentioned, “Every person I met, every country I travel to, leaves me with more than what I had when I started this journey. This experience fills my heart so much and I can safely tell you that today I am a different woman. My essence is always and will be the same, a simple girl with a huge heart to give and receive love.”

The diva is very dedicated towards making the country of Panama proud by showcasing the true values and culture on-stage. She is strong, dedicated, and focused towards performing her best on-stage which is why she seems like an ideal choice for Senorita Panama title in future if she decides to participate. She has been an exceptional delegate who represented Panama at Miss International 2018 with utmost grace and confidence and with the same grace and confidence we feel that she is suitable for Miss Universe stage too.