Face of Beauty International 2016 Talent Competition

03 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

Last night the Face of Beauty International pageant hosted the Talent Competition for the contestants. The night was a parade of beauty and talent. The contestants this year showcased their best skills during the competition held at the Seoul Plaza in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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Face of Beauty International 2016 Talent Competition


The Talent Competition saw varied range of performances; while some chose to express their talent through dance numbers which ranged from traditional to modern, others displayed their singing, magic skills & even declamation skills in trying to impress the spectators. Based on the performances by the contestants, the judges came up with the Top 15 finalists for the Best in Talent Round Competition.

Delegates from Honduras, China, USA, Kosovo, Portugal, Spain, Samoa, Monaco, Mongolia, Hungary, Egypt, Kazakhstan Sri Lanka, Russia, Moldova advanced in the Top 15 of the talent round. Enthralling the audiences with their further talent and skills, the beauties from China, Portugal, Spain, Mongolia, Kazakhstan were named as the Top 5 finalists.

 The Top 5 finalists of the Best in Talent Competition will be performing live during the coronation night where the winner of the Best in Talent will also be awarded. It is hard to decide who stood best out of these talented top 5. We can only wait till the finals to know the results.

Recently, the Face of Beauty International Organisation also hosted the National Costume Competition. The contestants in the show were seen dressed in profuse culture from their countries by adorning themselves in national costumes from their country of residence. The event turned out to be very interesting as each contestant looked like a perfect example of beauty from different lands, showing the different faces of beauty from all over the world.

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