Meet Taylor Kessler Miss Texas USA 2020 for Miss USA 2020

17 Nov 2019 | Akanksha Sethi

Taylor Leigh Kessler is only 23 years old and is making history as she was crowned Miss Texas USA 2020 on September 1, 2019. She proudly took over the duties and is gearing up to walk the finale of Miss USA 2020.

As a child, she was abused and bullied by her middle school classmates who told her she was too ugly to be a part of beauty contests, whereas she really wanted to be a part of one. It stripped down her self-confidence but she never caved. Finally, at seventeen, she entered her first pageant and competed at Miss Texas Teen USA. A few years later, on September 1, 2019, Taylor Kessler took home the Miss Texas USA 2020 crown.


Meet Taylor Kessler Miss Texas USA 2020 for Miss USA 2020


She has become an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault especially after having gone through all this trauma herself at a very young age. She has shared her story with hundreds of people who relate and connect to her and more than that, support her in her journey. She imparts one of the best bits of advice she has received: “There is a difference between being liked by people and being valued. A lot of people will like you, but few will value you. BE VALUED.”

As she begins her year as Miss Texas USA, Taylor is a few classes away from earning her degree in Communications/Broadcast Productions at Sam Houston State University. A sports enthusiast, she played volleyball on a nationally acclaimed team and was MVP for two years in a row. She is coming a step closer to her ambition of becoming a Sports and Entertainment Reporter as she has conducted rookie interviews and reporting for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Meet Taylor Kessler Miss Texas USA 2020 for Miss USA 2020

(Photo Credits: Taylor Kessler Instagram Official)

Taylor’s heritage is a blend of cultures and ethnicity. She knows American sign language, and she describes herself as driven, articulate, conscientious, versatile, and a bit quirky. We are extremely proud of her journey and her problems, which she overcame like a true warrior. We hope she bags the coveted crown of Miss USA 2020 and fulfils all her dreams through this platform.