Miss USA 2015 Fashion Forward Evening Gowns that Won our Hearts

14 Jul 2015 | Angelopedia

The Miss USA pageant is like 3 hours long New York Fashion week, only, instead of models walking the ramp we have competitors competing for the crown and the right to represent their country on a mammoth platform of Miss Universe. This year’s Miss USA 2015 was no exception. We can actually count on the Miss USA pageant, to bring on a fresh breeze of glamour and panache and rekindle our taste for trend.

The evening gown competition was like a whole new wardrobe collection for different occasions. The contestants flashed the stage with their gorgeous presence, each dazzling and flamboyant in their own way. From mermaid silhouettes to ball gown, from bell sleeves to see through, the gowns reminded us why Miss USA pageant is spectacularly grandeur every year.

 Let’s take a look at some of these gowns that made us go all awww while we saw them swirl and dazzle around the stage...


Miss Texas USA 2015 Ylianna Guerra


Texas - Ylianna Guerra Miss Texas USA 2015 wore a simple white gown at the finals of Miss USA 2015. But the gown was not that simple and plane jane. What made it the show stopper gown was the back of the evening gown, dripping with long strands of crystals. What can we say, the gown really did make us go oo la la and the silver fall detail was superbly mind boggling...


Miss Delaware USA 2015 Renee Bull


Delaware – Next gown that caught our attention and grabbed our eyeballs was Miss Delaware USA 2015 Renee Bull’s gown. Renee wore a bright yellow gown with fairly simple cut with the corset that had a sweetheart cut neckline and made Renee look like a queen. We must say, never has something so imperial, classy and regal come out of Delaware. It’s the bright, sunny yellow that made it stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 Olivia Jordan


Oklahoma – When talking about the best gowns of Miss USA 2015, how can we miss out on the winner’s gown? The dark pink flared gown that was at perfect contrast with the green background of the stage... Olivia Jordan Miss USA 2015 from Oklahoma described her evening gown as “Magical” and it surely was. The long pink ruffled gown made Olivia look like a princess straight from a Disney character and well also reminded us of delicious looking cupcakes. Well, Olivia definitely looked absolute gorgeous.


Miss Michigan USA 2015 Rashontae Wawrzyniak


Michigan – Rashontae Wawrzyniak from Michigan with her bell sleeves and turtle neck white lace evening gown made a royal charismatic attendance at the event. Her overall look was inspired from the 70’s theme, so retro yet so elegantly fresh and faultless. The open deep back cut on her gown added just the right touch of sexiness to her entire look. Miss Michigan, who went for a throwback look definitely stood out as being one of the more unusual looks on the stage, and we must say, it takes courage to deviate from the norm so boldly.


Miss Lousiana USA 2015 Candice Bennatt


Louisiana – Talking about bold gowns, we really liked the fearless embellishments on Miss Louisiana Candice Bennatt’s evening gown. Candice chose a strapless ivory gown with the outrageous combination of silver and gold sequin like ornamental appliqué. The illusion panel in the front neckline added oomph to the overall outfit. Candice with her pretty smile looked pageant pretty.


Miss Maryland USA 2015 Mame Adjei


Maryland – There were gowns which were beautiful, elegant, and pretty and then there were gowns that were Beautifully Bold. The only black gown on the stage of Miss USA 2015, donned by Mame Adjei, Miss Maryland made countless head turning moments every time she walked the ramp. It was not the usual hyper-feminine black gown, instead it was a sheer, body hugging gown with intense cut-outs and gorgeously intricate appliqués. To add more drama to the gown, it had ruffled collars giving Mame the form of an elegantly poised black swan.


Miss Rhode Island USA 2015 Anea Garcia


Rhode Island – Anea Garcia, Miss Rhode Island USA 2015 kept her finale gown a surprise and Oh My God..!! what a pleasant surprise it was. She opted for a white column dress with a sheer sparkling panel down the centre. That one simple detailing to the outfit elevated her outfit and also complemented her overall appearance and highlighting her height. At 6 feet tall height, Rhode Island nailed the outfit and carried it off with equal comfort and utter sophistication.


Miss Alabama USA 2015 Madison Guthrie


Alabama – Another evening gown that left us spellbound and enthralled was the blue colour and the zibeline-like fabrication that was adorned by Madison Guthrie, Miss Alabama USA. Madison donned a satin blue mermaid style gown with deep cleavage neckline. The gown accentuated her femininity and Madisson walked the ramp with sheer confidence and absolute poise.

The concept of the evening gown is basically synonymous with the event of Miss USA 2015: It’s glitzy, it straddles the line between challenging and saccharine, and we’re totally cool with only busting it out of the closet once a year.