Priyadarshini Chatterjee Femina Miss India 2016, Lesser known facts

11 Apr 2016 | Angelopedia

On April 9’ 2016, India greeted and welcomed the beauty queen who will be representing the country on the international platform of Miss World 2016. Meet Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Femina Miss India 2016. The beauty queen, who not just stepped by made a grand entry into the Miss India pageant after winning the Miss Delhi 2016 title, was there to win. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree from Hindu college, there is a lot unexplored about this docile beauty. So, let’s unfold some of the lesser known facts about the beauty queen…


Priyadarshini Chatterjee Femina Miss India 2016 lesser known facts


1. Priyadarshini is the Blended Beauty of different Regions… Yes, the beauty queen belongs form the Bengali community, has been born and brought up in Assam and is currently studying in Delhi. Hence, she has the perfect combination of sweetness, fragility and in your face attitude to conquer the world.

2. And coming from the North Eastern region of India, Priyadarshini is blessed with the gift of music and art. Music, Melody and Talent runs in her blood, and that really solves the question of the Talent Round of Miss World pageant.

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3. Priyadarshini loves travelling to new places, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and try different cuisines. Her ideal travel dream is to travel around the world freely and that there should be no visa system. Hmmm, sure a lot of us would abide by this.


Priyadarshini Chatterjee Femina Miss India 2016 lesser known facts


4. The last book that made Priyadarshini cry was ‘Three Meters Above Heaven’. Oh Yes, the lady loves reading books. Ye intellectual with good looks, killer combo!! Isn’t it..??

5. Priyadarshini is not just a strong woman, but a woman with principles. She firmly believes that a woman must possess three qualities – Self Worth, Smartness and Charming personality.

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6. The beauty queen reveals her idea of a perefect man and what characteristics of his will be written in bold - Genuineness, loyalty and respectful attitude towards women and society.

7. Priyadarshini abides by the quote - “Ask, Believe, Receive – Rhonda Byrne. She talks about the law of attraction”.


Priyadarshini Chatterjee Femina Miss India 2016 lesser known facts


Priyadarshini will now compete at the coveted Miss World 2016 pageant to be held later this year. Do you think Priyadarshini has what it takes to be the next Miss World? Share your views in the comment section below…

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