Laura Schou crowned Universal Woman Denmark 2024

26 Feb 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Denmark organization, through their official social media, announced Laura Schou as the newly crowned Universal Woman Denmark 2024 who will now represent Denmark at the Universal Woman 2024 which will be held in Cambodia from 13th-25th March 2024.

Laura Schou is 22 years of age and hails from North Zealand, Denmark. Schou holds a degree in Financial Management as she pursued a career following her passion for finance, marketing, and economics. Laura embraces each day with gratitude, approaching life's journey with optimism and a zest for living to the fullest.



As Universal Woman Denmark 2024, Laura advocates and supports women who have survived sexual assault. She aims to break the silence and stigma surrounding it, offering a beacon of hope to survivors and empowering them to seek the assistance they deserve. Through her efforts during her reign, she is committed to advocating for their healing and well-being.

Laura firmly believes that true beauty emanates from within, manifesting through one's actions towards oneself and others as a mirror of the soul. To her, individuals who stay authentic to their essence and exhibit a genuine heart are the epitome of beauty”, the organization wrote as they introduced her.



“With the prestigious title of Universal Woman Denmark 2024 in her grasp, Laura views it as a powerful platform to champion the causes closest to her heart: women empowerment and fostering self-confidence. By sharing her personal journey of resilience and transformation, she aspires to ignite a spark of inspiration in women worldwide, demonstrating that adversities can be transformed into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Laura firmly believes that it is through overcoming life's challenges that one emerges stronger and more resilient, embodying the true essence of inner beauty”, they added.

The finals of Universal Woman 2024 will be held on 25th March 2024 in Cambodia where Valentina Sánchez from Venezuela, the reigning Universal Woman, will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.