Meet Tahamina Akter – The latest favourite pick for the World Miss University 2017

16 Dec 2017 | Kanupriya Bhardwaj

Tahamina Akter was crowned World Miss University Bangladesh 2017 at a gala event presented by Diamond World on the premises of Channel I in Dhaka and this made her a favourite amongst Bangladeshi people in an instant. Representing her country in World Miss University 2017 which is taking place in Cambodia currently, her country has high hopes from this young lady.

A student of University of Chittagong, Tahamina is a very confident woman who believes in putting work for desired results. After her win, she said “It’s great to be the winner. I had confidence. Hopefully, I can do better things in future.”

As the modus operandi of World Miss University, they select World Miss University Peace Corp Representatives to provide help in the nations of conflict, and Tahamina feels strongly about the subject. With the understanding of how nations in conflict work, Tahamina wishes to work and spread peace and love there with her utter dedication and hard work.


Meet Tahamina Akter – The latest favourite pick for the World Miss University 2017


There is no denying the fact that she could be the potential winner of the World Miss University 2017 with her infectious charm and serious plans of advocating peace in the world. 

On the welcoming night of all the candidates of World Miss University 2017 in Phnom Penh, Tahamina made sure she stood out from the rest of crowd. Since then, all the candidates are seen going around and enjoying the beauty of Cambodia. Before the seriousness of the competition takes over, Tahamina was seen relaxing and having fun with the other delegates from various parts of the world. Her beautiful smile and bubbling confidence has made everybody in awe of her. After arriving at the City of Siam, just a few days before the finale, she spent quality time with the other girls, making everyone a fan of social skills and affable attitude.

As the night of the finale approaches, there is no doubt that Tahamina will conquer the stage with her intelligence and grace and may emerge out as a winner of the 28th edition of World Miss University 2017. Don’t forget to catch the finale night on 20th December 2017.