Miss Austria 2017 : Info

Miss Austria 2017 was held on 6th July 2017. Vice Miss Niederösterreich, Celine Schrenk was crowned as Miss Universe Austria 2017. At the same pageant, Bianca Kronsteiner was crowned as Miss Earth Austria 2017 and Sarah Chvala was crowned as Miss World Austria 2017.

20 finalists competed for the title this year. The 20 finalists of Miss Austria 2017 were -

Alexandra Hauthaler

Andrea Jorgler

Alexandra Pahr

Stefanie Buchmann

Elisa Georgina Dedu

Sophie Thurnher

Bianca Kronsteiner

Marlene Nakovits

Marlin Anais Ruiz

Margot Polz

Alexandra Prodinger

Magdalena Leitner

Maria Hackl

Katja Purtscheller

Sarah Chvala

Jennifer Scheutz

Angelika Doss

Celine Schrenk

Elisabeth Rauter

Daniela Krug

The judges for the finale were -

Liliana Klein

Liliana is the CEO of an online fashion website known as Fashion Check In.

Lecturer Dr. Georg M.

Dr. Georg M. will be the second Jury expert for the pageant. He is an expert for all the beauty related queries and will play an integral part in the pageant by analyzing the best from the rest.

Heli Mayr                                                             

Heli is a professional photographer and has done major projects with the top most models.

Christian Sturmayr

Christian Sturmayr is a hairstylist and the next Jury member on the list.

Manfred Baumann

Manfred Baumann is an Austrian photographer. 


Miss Austria 2017 is on its road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on 6th July 2017