Miss Universe Barbados 2016 : Info

At the conclusion of the finale of Miss Universe Barbados 2016 held on 17th September 2016 in Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Shannon Harris was crowned as the winner. Shannon will now represent Barbados at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.

The 14 finalists who competed for the Miss Universe Barbados 2016 were -

Emilomo Akpevwiehor

Christina Yearwood

Angelica Neira Anderson

Tristina Grant

Jamilah Forde

Erin Griffith

Renee Robinson

Danae Brathwaite

Melanie Thorpe

Anique Herbert

Shannon Harris

Julia Trotman

Kenya Bhola

Ukweli Wilson

In addition to the title Shannon was also awarded with a new crown. The “Broken Trident” crown was unveiled on August 28, 2016 via social media which was displayed on September 12th at The Royal Shop, the official jewelers of the Miss Universe Barbados franchise.

With an estimated value of BDS$10,000, the one of a kind jewel encrusted piece was designed and produced by world renowned bespoke jewelers – God Diamonds in Thailand. The crown contains pearls, blue and yellow sapphires, and Swarovski crystals.


Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Pageant Info