Miss Belgium 2015 : Info

Miss Belgium 2015 or Miss België was the 86th edition of the national beauty pageant of Belgium. The Miss Belgium 2015 was held on January, 10 2015 at the Plospa Theatre De Panne. Miss Belgium is one of the oldest beauty pageants in the world with an elaborate history.  Anissa Blondin, the First runner up of Miss Belgium 2014 passed on her crown to Annelis Toros.


Anissa Blondin, the First runner up of Miss Belgium 2014 replaced Laurence Langen, the Miss Belgium 2014 winner after the Miss Belgium committee decided to take away the title from Laurence due to some personal reasons. 

Annelis Toros represented Belgium at Miss Universe 2015 and placed in the top fifteen during the grand finale held at Las Vegas, Nevada on 20December 2015. Annelis’s runner-up, Leylah Alliët competed in the Miss World 2015 competition but could not make the cut.

The thirty beautiful contestants who competed at the Miss Belgium 2015 pageant were –

  1. Valentina Paesano from Antwerp
  2. Pauline Detroz from Luxembourg
  3. Mandy De Saeger from Flemish Brabant
  4. Valentine Cesarone from Hainaut
  5. Aurélie Hendrickx from Antwerp
  6. Caroline van Hoye from Brussels
  7. Cheyenne De Coninck from West Flanders
  8. Ginger Van Eetvelde from Brussels
  9. Titsia Brabants from Antwerp
  10. Hélène Gavilan from Brussels
  11. Nina De Baecke from East Flanders
  12. Marine Gérard from Namur
  13. Michèle Roelens from West Flanders
  14. Amélie Dethier from Liège
  15. Stéphanie Carton from West Flanders
  16. Stephanie Bola from Brussels
  17. Leylah Alliet from West Flanders
  18. Elise Schneidesch from Hainaut
  19. Emily Rabaut from West Flanders
  20. Elodie Daubresse from Hainaut
  21. Maxime Daniels from West Flanders
  22. Malissia Sirica from Walloon Brabant
  23. Xhulia Mucaj from Antwerp
  24. Victoria Humblet from Antwerp
  25. Anastasiya Liënko from East Flanders
  26. Jennifer Rosenberg from Brussels
  27. Charlotte Vanbiervliet from West Flanders
  28. Lauranne Demesmaeker from Walloon Brabant
  29. Annelies Törös from Antwerp
  30. Kawtar Riahi Idriss from East Flanders

Miss Belgium 2015 contestants