Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 : Info

Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 was held on June 25’ 2016. The pageant has been held in Brazil as an independent event since 2006 to select Brazil's official representative to the Miss World pageant. The glorious gala of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 culminated with the crowning of Beatrice Fontoura as the winner of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016. Fontura was crowned by the outgoing queen Catharina Choi Nunes, and will now represent Brazil at the Miss World 2016 pageant set to be held in Washington D.C later this year.

Forty one total contestants vied for the coveted crown of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016. And only one fortunate earned the exceptional chance to represent Brazil in the Miss World 2016 pageant. The contestants were –

Jucyelly Pereira

Tayana Maia

Lavinia Muniz Calumby

Ana Carolline Torres

Stephany Pim

Beatrice Fontoura

Amanda Barbacena

Mariana Vieira

Taynara Gargantini

Carolina Ermel

Caroline Venturini

Karliany Barbosa

Mariana Andrade

Nayara Guimaraes

Isabele Pandini

Katiuscia Menezes

Francielly Ouriques

Flaviane Elias

Kimberly Maciel

Jheniffer Ev

Marcela Castro

Gabriela Oliveira Fruhauf

Vitoria Felix

Jhaddy Hayra

Nayara Silveira

Muriel Prestes

Samen Dos Santos

Juliely Gabardo

Ana Gabriela Borges

Mikaela Freitas

Leticia Angelino

Nicoli Ideker Lindner

 At the same event, Isabele Pandini hailing from São Paulo was adjudged the First Runner-up, Renata Sena hailing from Mato Grosso do sul was adjudged the Second Runner-up, Stephany Pim from Espírito Santo was the Third Runner-up and Samen Dos Santos hailing from Pampa Gaucho was declared the Fourth Runner-up.


Miss Mundo Brasil 2016



Miss Mundo Brasil 2015 was Catharina Choi Nunes. She was adjudged the first runner-up at the Miss World Brazil 2015 pageant where Ana Luisa Castro was crowned as the winner. However, Ana was dethroned because she was married to a Belgian model and actor, Tanguy Backer. Marriage is against the laws and regulations of the pageant organization. Catharina was then crowned as the new Miss Mundo Brasil 2016. At the finals of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 to be held on June 25’ 2016, Catharina will crown one of the 32 finalists as her successor and will pass on her reign to the new queen. 


Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 Pageant Info