Miss Mundo Colombia 2015 : Info

Miss Mundo Colombia 2015, also known as Miss World Colombia 2015 was held on September 5’ 2015. At the conclusion of the finale, Maria Alejandra López was crowned as the winner and she represented Colombia at the Miss World 2015 pageant held in China.

There were a total of 22 contestants who competed for the coveted title this year. The 22 gorgeous contestants were - Mariana Perez Urrea, Genesis Andrea Quintero Perez, Maria Monica Moron, Laura Gonzalez Franco, Diana Munoz Pinilla, Sara Mejia Rodriguez, Vivian Karinne Mafla, Maria Angelica Giraldo Jimenez, Natalia Jara Villate, Luisa Millan, Lorena De lima Arroyo, Lina Marcela Angulo Hernandez, Vivian Tatiana Martinez, Maria Paula Narino Vargas, Daniela Andrea Garcia, Adriana Patricia Roa, Estefania Mendoza Toro, Maria Alejandra Chacon, Maria Alejandra Lopez, Laura Alejandra Novoa, Valentina Leiva Izquierdo and Edna Marcela Bohorquez.

Maria Alejandra Lopez succeeds the outgoing queen, Jessica Leandra García Caicedo who represented Colombia at the Miss World 2014. Maria  stands tall at a height of 178 cm and is a fifth semester student of industrial engineering. Alejandra speaks fluent English and French and enjoys dancing and reading. Being a health freak, Maria never misses out on her exercise regime. She loves exploring more on make-up and is always on the spree to learn more make-up tips.


Miss Mundo Colombia 2015 Pageant Info