Miss Universe Great Britain 2017 : Info

Miss Universe Great Britain 2017 finale was held on 15th July 2017. Anna Burdzy, a law student, was crowned as the winner. Anna succeeds Miss Universe Great Britain 2016, Jaime Lee Faulkner. At the same event, Saffron Jade Corcoran was titled as the first runner-up and Vicky Turner was adjudged as the second runner-up. The top 5 were completed by Samantha Hancock and Maria Wilkes.

The contestants who competed for the title of Miss Universe Great Britain 2017 were –

Sylvia – Essex

Tina – London

Samantha – Bromley

Jade – Sunderland

Katherine – London

Kathryn – New Castle

Anna – Leicester

Keisha – Birmingham

Saffron – London

Natalie – Dudley

Leah – Bournemouth

Kimberly – London

 Fern - Portskewett

Sarah – Teeside

Teresa - Westcliffe-on-Sea

Stephanie - Westcliffe-on-Sea

Philippa- Edinburgh

 Samantha- Cardiff

Larissa- Wimbledon

Umida- London

Mehaq – London

Muna - London

Rosalind- Edinburgh

Justine- Liverpool

Jennifer- Liverpool

Lauren – Guildford

Stephanie- Brighton

Jayde- Cwmbran

Bethan- Doncaster

Kiera- Cardiff

Megan- Liverpool

Mary- Cheltenham

Caris- Cheshunt

Alexa- Hitchin

Sophie- Newport

Victoria- Newcastle

Charlotte- Rickmansworth

Maria- London


Miss Universe Great Britain 2017 info