Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 : Info

The grand coronation night of Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 was held on 13th July 2019 where Emma Jenkins was crowned the new queen and will now represent her country in Miss Universe 2019. She succeeds and was crowned by Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers Miss Universe Great Britain 2018.

Her court includes first runner-up Cara Frew and second runner-up Erin Williams as both the delegates performed with sincerity and dedication. Top 5 also included Christina Chalk and Zania Linton.

Hailing from Llanelli, the 22-year-old Emma is currently working as a researcher and a beauty reporter for a television production company Tinopolis. Emma also represented Wales in Miss World 2015.

Here are the contestants who competed for the national crown - Jade Bambrough, Amie Barlow, Joseanne Bear, Archna Bhatt, Charlotte Brooke , Christina Chalk, Sarah Clark, Saffron Corcoran, Christina Cunningham, Sophie Dunning, Udo Emeka-Okafor , Lauren Fox, Cara Frew, Gemma Gordon, Andrea Holzhauser, Amena Hassan, Umida Ibrahimova, Sarah Jegede, Emma Jenkins, Sacha Jones, Zania Linton, Amy Meisak, Allys Miller, Jessica Page, Alexandra Prior, Jessica Ruan,T asharn Sanganoo, Victoria Small, Brooke Smith, Nicole Henao Marin Smith, Megan Vincetta Robinson, Charlotte White, Erin Williams and Salina Zafar.