Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 : Info

Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 finals were held on August 9’ 2015. And the grand finale concluded with the crowning of Danielle Wong as the winner. Danielle succeeds the outgoing queen Renne Tan and will now represent Malaysia at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. The newly crowned beautiful queen, Danielle defeated 25 other contestants to clinch the title. The whole Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 pageant has been one of the most intensive weeks of competition patterned to select a deserving candidate for the Miss Earth 2015 pageant. The contestants went through a series of competitions and events including Eco Fashion and Talent competition, where the contestants donned outfits made of reycle materials. Standing tall at a towering height of 6 feet, Dainelle is a strong bet for Malaysia at the internationals.

The 26 gorgeous contestants of Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 are - Victoria Lipang, Emily Lee , Sharon Ubung Yong, Jane Lung , Sanjeda John, Ooi Ning, Paveetha Panir Selvam, Dior Lam, Felcy Fransie Julian, Joclyn See , Danielle Wong , Nita Raj, Amreet Kaur , Emily Chung, Jasprit Kaur, Annatasha Shanty Jeremiah, Joyce Koid, Janice Tan , Anne Hui En, Vienna Goh, Hayley Yeap, Kajel Kaur, Summer Lau , Suriya Chandrika Sivaneson, Flora Stepen and Yoyo Bek.

Amreet Kaur was crowned Miss Malysia Earth Air 2015, Emily Chung was given titled Miss Malysia Earth Water 2015, Yoyo Bek was crowned Miss Malaysia Earth Fire 2015, Felcy Fransie Julian Miss Eco Tourism Malaysia 2015 and Janice Tan Miss Eco Beauty Malaysia 2015.


Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 winners