Miss World Nederland 2017 : Info

Miss World Netherlands 2017 was held on 30th July 2017. At the conclusion of the finale,  Philisantha Van Deuren was crowned as the winner. Rachelle Reijnders, Miss World Netherlands 2016 crowned Philisantha as her successor.
Following are the contestants who competed for the title -  
Femke van den Hazel

Zoe Ayisha Grace Geritz

Mirthe Minkes  
Rachel Aussems

Annet Duarte Lopes

Roja Santhakumaran

Marina van der Velden
Suzan Hagendijk

Philisantha van Deuren
Laura Ghobrial

Rowanne Shaline Schut

Jessica Wohrmann

Elize de Jong

Lynn Rosalee Peters

Bente Vrieling
Since 2009, the Miss Netherlands pageant has been organized by Kim Kötter . In 2011, she tried for the first time the three major international elections ( Miss World , Miss Universe and Miss Earth bring) under one flag 'Miss Netherlands.  In 2012 the organization however again lost the Miss Earth license. 
Netherlands has won Miss World pageant twice. The first win was achieved by Corine Rottschäfer in 1959. The second win was achieved by Catharina Johanna Lodders in 1962. Lodders placed 3rd Runner-Up to eventual winner Tania Verstak of Australia. She was then crowned Miss Benelux, followed by Miss World later that year. She became the second woman (after Corine Rottschafer in 1959) from her country to win the title. The pageant was held in London.  After a rather dull performance for many years, Netherlands is again doing well in Miss World since few years. Upon winning the contest, she is quoted as saying "I don't think I'm the most beautiful girl in the world - I am the most beautiful girl here".
Until last year, the representative of Netherlands to Miss World was chosen by Miss Nederland’s pageant but this year a new pageant was instated.
Miss World Nederland 2017 Pageant Info