Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 : Info

Miss Universe New Zealand organization held the finale of the 2017 edition at the Skycity Theatre where Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia was crowned Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 by her predecessor Tania Pauline Dawson. She represented New Zealand at Miss Universe 2017 but failed to place at Top 16.

The newly crowned Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 ‘s court included –

First Runner-up – Brooke Rachel Houia (Auckland)

Second Runner-up – Shekinah Delos Santos (Hamilton)

Third Runner-up – Sarah Hensby-Bennett (Hamilton)

Fourth Runner-up – Holly Waghorn

The jury for the grand finale comprised of actress Teuila Blakely, music legend Frankie Stevens, makeup guru and cosmetics brand owner Samala Robinson, former Miss Universe New Zealand director Evana Patterson, boutique PR agency boss Anna Jobsz, and motivational speaker Areena Deshpande.

The contestants who competed at Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 were Sophia Le Grice, Rebecca Parkinson, Sarah Hensby-Bennett, Danielle Booth, Jenna Bellve, Irene Rew, Sophie Dalmuir, Tujai Parkar, Harlem-Cruz Ihaia, Hannah Henderson, Chloe Manga, Acacia Walker, Zeta Fraser, Shekinah Delos Santos, Brooke Houia, Renee Clayton, Johandi Jordaan, Holly Waghorn, Kate Langston and Bailey Anderson.