Miss Philippines Earth 2016 : Info

Miss Philippines Earth 2016, the 16th edition of the national pageant, was held on 11th June 2016 at the University of the Philippines Theater in Quezon City, Philippines. Imelda Schweighart of Puerto Princesa City was crowned the new queen by her predecessor Angelia Gabrena Ong at the end of the event finale. Imelda represented the Philippines at the Miss Earth 2016 pageant but failed to make it to the semifinals.

Imelda resigned from her duties as Miss Philippines Earth due to the controversies prior to and after Miss Earth 2016. Miss Philippines Earth Water 2016 Loren Mar Artajos took over the responsibilities when Imelda left. Loren’s title was supposed to be handed over to Kiera Giel Gregorio but declined due to her law school commitments in London, therefore she relinquished her crown as well. Those who were under Artajos moved 2 steps higher and two semi-finalists became the part of the elemental court. This was the first edition where the reigning Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Philippines Earth-Air resigned.

After the resignations, here were the final title placements –

Miss Philippines Earth 2016 – Loren Mar Artajos

Miss Philippines Air 2016 – Shannon Rebecca Bridgman

Miss Philippines Water 2016 – Melanie Mader

Miss Philippines Fire 2016 – Maria Fatima Al-sowyed

Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2016 – Charinna Barro

The Runners-up included Athena Catriz, Jessica Zevenbergen, Joanna Rose Tolledo, Bellatrix Tan and Krissandra Marie Abel.


Best Terno Designer Award – Rhea Doll Gonzalo

Best Eco Video – Jan Louise Abejero

Eco Warrior – Krissandra Marie Abel

Best Community Project Award – Aprilh Angelique Arciaga

Miss SM Markets – Eva Eunice Reinoso

Miss Hana – Kiara Giel Gregorio


Miss Friendship

Gold – Hannah Vargas

Silver – Aprilh Angelique Arciaga

Bronze – Rhea Doll Gonzalo

Miss Photogenic (Miss Ever Bilena)

Gold – Angelyn Presidente

Silver – Charinna Barro

Bronze – Bellatrix Gabriel Tan

Talent Competition

Gold – Eva Eunice Reinosos

Silver – Anna Mae Cagurangan

Bronze – Maybelle Pameroyan

Cultural Costume Competition

Gold – Kristel Suizo

Silver – Niña Sherra Tagalog

Bronze – Jezza Mae Lim

Swimsuit Competition

Gold – Kiaragiel Gregorio

Silver – Imelda Schweighart

Bronze – Melanie Mader

Trash to Class Competition

Gold – Melanie Mader

Silver – Aicha Francisco

Bronze – Ellyz Lee Santos

Cocktail Wear Competition

Gold – Kamille Alyssa Quinola

Silver – Eva Eunice Reinoso

Bronze – Imelda Schweighart

Resort Wear Competition

Gold – Rachelle Quiñonez

Silver – Bellatrix Gabriel Tan

Bronze – Niña Sherra Tagalog

Evening Gown Competition

Gold – Melanie Mader

Silver – Kiaragiel Gregorio

Bronze – Imelda Schweighart

Darling of the Press

Gold – Liza Cacho

Silver – Imelda Schweighart

Bronze – Kiaragiel Gregorio

The delegates who competed for Miss Earth Philippines 2016 were Eva Eunice Reinoso, Liza Cacho, Chissan Rae Mendez Balderas, Loren Mar Guillermo Artajos, Anna Mae Cagurangan, Shannon Rebecca Bridgman, Korina Christiene Reyes, Maybelle Pameroyan, Carlette Marjean Agapito, Jovine Macarubbo Martin, Kamille Alyssa Pilarca Quinola, Princess Cecilio, Krissandra Marie Abel, Kattline Joy Sodoy Eranes, Rachelle Quinonez, Andrea Indah Lavadia Delgado, Kisszel Malazarte, Imelda Bautista Schweighart, Karen Claudene Barot, Athena Mari Jamaica Catriz, Riji Anne Mae Canog, Joanna Rose Tolledo, Jennnifer Ann Mangaring, Alexandra Abdon, Kimberly Gonzaga, Aprilh Angelique Arciaga, Justine Blaire Galang, Jessica Jane Morales, Sheila Mae Morales, Jan Louise Abejero, Vallerie Joy Jereza, Maria Fatima Alsoweyd, Hannah Vargas, Ellyz Lee Santos, Jessica Zevenbergen, Nina Sherra Alfonso Tagalog, Angelyn Presidente, Genina Marcelo Abrau, Charinna Gamaya Barro, Grapes Pacara, Aicha Francisco, Maelyn Joy Unson, Jezza Mae Lim, Rhea Doll Gonzalo, Kristel Suizo, Bellatrix Gabriel Tan, Kiaragiel Gregorio, Melanie Mader.