Miss America 2020 : Info

Miss America 2020, the 93rd edition of Miss America is scheduled to be held on 19th December 2019. Though it’s the 93rd edition, the Miss America Organization is celebrating its 99th anniversary in 2019 as it commenced in 1921 and was not held for six years from 1921 to 1932 and 1934. Miss America is now a different kind of competition more of a scholarship pageant than being beauty pageant. The contest is now judged on competitors' talent performances and interviews. There is no swimsuit portion in the contest and the contestants are also not judged on physical appearance.

The finale of Miss America 2020 will be held at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut on 19th December 2019, and Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin of New York will crown her successor at the conclusion of the finale.

The 51 contestants competing this year are –

Tiara Pennington Miss Alabama 2019

Maile Johnston Miss Alaska 2019

Jacqueline Thomas Miss Arizona 2019

Darynne Dahlem Miss Arkansas 2019

Eileen Kim Miss California 2019

Monica Thompson Miss Colorado 2019

Jillian Duffy Miss Connecticut 2019

Hillary May Miss Delaware 2019

Katelynne Cox Miss District of Columbia 2019

Michaela McLean Miss Florida 2019

Victoria Hill Miss Georgia 2019

Nicole Holbrook Miss Hawaii 2019

Grace Zimmerman Miss Idaho 2019

Ariel Beverly Miss Illinois 2019

Tiarra Taylor Miss Indiana 2019

Emily Tinsman Miss Iowa 2019

Annika Wooton Miss Kansas 2019

Alex Francke Miss Kentucky 2019

Meagan Crews Miss Louisiana 2019

Carolyn Brady Miss Maine 2019

Caitlyn Stupi Miss Maryland 2019

Lyndsey Littlefield Miss Massachusetts 2019

Mallory Rivard Miss Michigan 2019

Kathryn Kueppers Miss Minnesota 2019

Mary Margaret Hyer Miss Mississippi 2019

Simone Esters Miss Missouri 2019

Mo Shea Miss Montana 2019

Allie Swanson Miss Nebraska 2019

Nasya Mancini Miss Nevada 2019

Sarah Tubbs Miss New Hampshire 2019

Jade Glab Miss New Jersey 2019

Misa Tran Miss New Mexico 2019

Lauren Molella Miss New York 2019

Alexandra Badgett Miss North Carolina 2019

Haley Wolfe Miss North Dakota 2019

Caroline Grace Williams Miss Ohio 2019

Addison Price Miss Oklahoma 2019

Shivali Kadam Miss Oregon 2019

Tiffany Seitz Miss Pennsylvania 2019

Molly Andrade Miss Rhode Island 2019

Morgan Nichols Miss South Carolina 2019

Amber Hulse Miss South Dakota 2019

Brianna Mason Miss Tennessee 2019

Chandler Foreman Miss Texas 2019

Dexonna Talbot Miss Utah 2019

Jillian Fisher Miss Vermont 2019

Camille Schrier Miss Virginia 2019

Abbie Kondel Miss Washington 2019

Toriane Graal Miss West Virginia 2019

Alyssa Bohm Miss Wisconsin 2019

Jordan Hardman Miss Wyoming 2019