Miss Teen USA 2019 : Info

Miss Teen USA 2019, the 37th edition of Miss Teen USA beauty pageant, is scheduled to be held at Grand Sierra Resort's Grand Theatre, Reno in Nevada, USA on April 28th 2019. The event, which will be broadcast live on official Miss Teen USA Website, FaceBook, YouTube, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, will conclude with the crowning of Miss Teen USA 2019 by the reigning queen Miss Teen USA 2018 Hailey Colborn of Kansas.

This year, as usual, fifty-one candidates, representing fifty states and one federal district, are set to compete in the finale. The contestants for Miss Teen USA 2019 are –

Kalin Burt Miss Teen Alabama USA 2019

Meghan Scott Miss Teen Alaska USA 2019

Jordan Waller Miss Teen Arizona USA 2019

Maggie Williams Miss Teen Arkansas USA 2019

Alina Rae Carranza Miss Teen California USA 2019

Sydney Boehler Miss Teen Colorado USA 2019

Kaleigh Garris Miss Teen Connecticut USA 2019

Myah Rosa-Scott Miss Teen Delaware USA 2019

Jaclyn Davis Miss Teen District of Columbia USA 2019

Katia Gerry Miss Teen Florida USA 2019

Isabella Bloedorn Miss Teen Georgia USA 2019

Leimakamae Freitas Miss Teen Hawaii USA 2019

Tess Romani Miss Teen Idaho USA 2019

A'Maiya Allen Miss Teen Illinois USA 2019

Catelyn Combellick Miss Teen Indiana USA 2019

Kristen Hovda Miss Teen Iowa USA 2019

Hannah Marie DeBok Miss Teen Kansas USA 2019

Emma Johns Miss Teen Kentucky USA 2019

Emma Brooks McAllister Miss Teen Louisiana USA 2019

Mara Carpenter Miss Teen Maine USA 2019

Amalia Sanches Miss Teen Maryland USA 2019

Annie Lu Miss Teen Massachusetts USA 2019

Alexis Lubecki Miss Teen Michigan USA 2019

Olivia Herbert Miss Teen Minnesota USA 2019

Kaylee Brooke McCollum Miss Teen Mississippi USA 2019

Abilene Lortz Miss Teen Missouri USA 2019

Megan Brewer Miss Teen Montana USA 2019

Erin Shae Swanson Miss Teen Nebraska USA 2019

Erica Yvette Bonilla Miss Teen Nevada USA 2019

Jadyn McDonough Miss Teen New Hampshire USA 2019

Ava Tortorici Miss Teen New Jersey USA 2019

Angela Nañez Miss Teen New Mexico USA 2019

Hailey Germano Miss Teen New York USA 2019

Eliza Minor Miss Teen North Carolina USA 2019

Caitlyn Vogel Miss Teen North Dakota USA 2019

Isabelle Jedra Miss Teen Ohio USA 2019

Abigail Billings Miss Teen Oklahoma USA 2019

Mackenzie Peterson Miss Teen Oregon USA 2019

Julia Arnoso Meckley Miss Teen Pennsylvania USA 2019

Olivia Volpe Miss Teen Rhode Island USA 2019

Allie Richardson Miss Teen South Carolina USA 2019

Shelby Specht Miss Teen South Dakota USA 2019

Bailey Guy Miss Teen Tennessee USA 2019

Kennedy Edwards Miss Teen Texas USA 2019

Kaylyn Slevin Miss Teen Utah USA 2019

Jenna Howlett Miss Teen Vermont USA 2019

Morgan Brooke Duty Miss Teen Virginia USA 2019

Lily Loyd Miss Teen Washington USA 2019

Brennah Groves Miss Teen West Virginia USA 2019

Sydney Bobinski Miss Teen Wisconsin USA 2019

Grace Turner Miss Teen Wyoming USA 2019