Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Top 15 Favourites by Angelopedia

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Binibini 4 Ana Patricia Asturias
Binibini 4 Ana Patricia Asturias

Ana Patricia Asturias, a powerhouse of energy from last year Binibining Pilipinas is still the same, but a lot more improved version of her own self. She owns such a magnetic smile that can catch your attention in any given public appearance. Ana is a licensed Interior Designer and Cafe Restaurateur by profession.  She represents Tacloban City in the competition. Ana stands at 167 cm tall and is a fully trained barista and partners with her mom in running a cafe in her hometown which has been her favourite project for the past year. Anna is a world traveller; she visited Reykjavik, Japan, Milan, Venice, Barcelona and more than countries.

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