Miss Earth 2020 Delegates from Asia

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Christina Cai Miss Earth Singapore 2020
Christina Cai Miss Earth Singapore 2020

Christina Cai was appointed Miss Earth Singapore 2020 on 22nd August 2020 and is representing the home country for the title of Miss Earth 2020.

The diva’s advocacy for the competition is to reduce plastic pollution as it does not just threaten our marine life but it is accelerating the rate of climate change. Our planet is drowning in plastic where single-use plastic products are everywhere and integral to many lives. We need to slow the flow of plastic at its source, but we also need to improve the way we manage our plastic waste. It is time to understand that the key to protecting the earth begins from home through environmental education.

She believes that no matter where you come from, what language you speak or the color of your skin, this is our home, our earth, our responsibility. She wants to inspire and educate people more on how to reduce, reuse, recycle and respect the environment as without respect, we will not be able to rethink what to do to save the environment.

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