Miss Grand International 2020 Delegates From Europe

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Miss Grand Wales 2020 Kathryn Fanshawe
Miss Grand Wales 2020 Kathryn Fanshawe

Kathryn Fanshawe was appointed Miss Grand Wales 2020 and succeeded Miss Grand Wales 2019 Emma Davies for the title. The announcement was made via organization’s social media page.

Kathryn is 23-years-old and started her pageant journey three years ago and feels honoured that she has finally been able to achieved what she needed; to represent her country at international stage. She is a strong, confident, and determined woman who believes that if one must achieve their dreams, they must work hard for them and put in their best effort. The diva feels that everyone should be kind and helpful towards each other because the woman uplifting woman is the only way woman can be empowered and encouraged to take onto the world.

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