Miss Universe 2019 Delegates from North America

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North American beauties competing in Miss Universe 2019
North American beauties competing in Miss Universe 2019

The coronation ceremony of Miss Universe 2019 is all set to be held on 8th December 2019. The beautiful contestants from across the world will compete for the title. Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray of Philippines will crown her successor by the end of the event.

The gorgeous beauties from North America have been competing with the other beauties very strongly in the competition since past one decade. There have been various talented and gorgeous looking divas who have been crowned Miss Universe in their respective year of participation. In 2012, Olivia Culpo from United States, Ximena Navarrete from Mexico in 2010, Zuleyka Rivera from Puerto Rico in 2006, Natalie Glebova from Canada in 2015, Amelia Vega from Dominican Republic in 2003, Denise Quinones from Puerto Rico in 2001 were crowned the title of Miss Universe in their respective years of competing.

Miss Universe 2019 Delegates from North America are Danna Garcia Miss Universe Aruba 2019, Tarea Bianca Sturrup Miss Universe Bahamas 2019, Shanel Marie Ifill Miss Universe Barbados 2019, Destinee Dominique Arnold Miss Universe Belize 2019,  Bria Ashley Smith Miss Universe British Virgin Islands 2019, Alyssa Boston Miss Universe Canada 2019,Kadejah Bodden Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2019, Paola Chacon Fuentes Miss Universe Costa Rica 2019, Kyrsha Attaf Miss Universe Curacao 2019, Clauvid Daly Cabrera Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2019, Zuleika Soler Aragon Miss Universe El Salvador 2019, Gabriela Clesca Vallejo Miss Universe Haiti 2019, Rosemary Arauz Miss Universe Honduras 2019, Iana Tickle Garcia Miss Universe Jamaica 2019, Sofia Aragon Miss Universe Mexico 2019, Iness Lopez Sevilla Miss Universe Nicaragua 2019, Mehr Eliezer Miss Universe Panama 2019, Madison Anderson Berrios Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, Bebiana Mangal Miss Universe Saint Lucia 2019, Cheslie Kryst Miss Universe United States of America 2019, Andrea Piecuch Miss Universe United States Virgin Islands 2019.

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