Miss Universe 2019 Delegates from North America

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Kyrsha Attaf Miss Universe Curacao 2019
Kyrsha Attaf Miss Universe Curacao 2019

Kyrsha Attaf is a financial management final year student at the University of Curacao. She aspires to be a pilot in near future, travel around the world and absorb new cultures. The 21-year-old diva is a child advocate and she want to ensure that children have access to positive influences in their lives which will benefit them in such as great health care conditions, education and proper parenting. She loves representing and giving voice to a group whose concerns and interests are not being heard. Her greatest motivator is her sister who has always been independent and plays a very important role in her life as her guidance works as a motivation and determination for her. To achieve her goals in life. Kyrsha Attaf shares a unique love for her nephew Nassir.

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