Miss Universe winners from 1981 to 1990

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Mona Grudt Miss Universe 1990 from Norway
Mona Grudt Miss Universe 1990 from Norway
The first and only Norwegian woman so far to have won the Miss Universe title, Mona Grudt won the coveted title in 1990. She became the clear favorite of the judges, winning the interview and swimsuit preliminaries and all three segments of the semi-finals. During the 1990 Miss Universe competition, she listed herself as "The beauty queen from Hell" as a publicity stunt (because she was born in Hell, Norway; apart from that, 'hell' also means 'luck' in Norwegian). Her natural beauty, intelligence and grace, kept on impressing the judges throughout the pageant. She had a great reign, having appeared in several US TV shows. During her reign, she appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation as "Ensign Graham" in the episode "Identity Crisis". Grudt was also the last Miss Universe to accompany Bob Hope on his USO tour. She also hosted the 7th Cycle of Norway’s Next Top Model.
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