Miss World 2016 Evening Gowns of Top 10 Finalists

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Reviewing the Top 10 Gowns of Miss World 2016
Reviewing the Top 10 Gowns of Miss World 2016

Ever since the gala night of Miss World 2016 has culminated, people have been talking about the finale, the winner, the runners-up and the Philippines. There has been a hullabaloo, about the newly crowned winner and Philippines not making it to the final three despite of her impeccable answer and performance. But, what went untracked were the gorgeous evening gowns for the night. The girls dazzled in beautiful evening gowns that made them look phenomenal and we there were few gowns that took our breath away. So, today we are going to give you an insight to the gowns of the Top 10 finalists and put forward our review about them. So, without any further delay let’s grab a look at what the Top 10 finalists wore at the finale of Miss World 2016...

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