Miss World 2019 Delegates From Europe

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European beauties competing in Miss World 2019
European beauties competing in Miss World 2019

Miss World 2019 is the 69th edition of Miss World and will host its grand finale on 7th December 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand . Few contestants have already been confirmed as the countries have begun to crown their representatives to the most coveted pageant.

Vanessa Ponce Miss World 2018 from Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the finale, which will witness more than 100 contestants from all over the world competing for the crown. Last year, Belarus, Scotland and France were the three European countries to secure positions in the top 5 and top 12 of Miss World. Spain and Gibraltar are the only two countries from Europe to win the title of Miss World in 2015 and 2009.

Let’s have a look at the contestants from the continent of Europe who will be competing for the title of Miss World 2019- Gabriella Francesca Miss Wales 2019, Frederika Kurtulíková Miss Slovensko 2019, Sanja Lovcevic Miss Serbia 2019, Elizaveta Kuznitova Miss Moldova 2019, Lauren Leckey Miss Northern Ireland 2019, Celine Bolaños Miss Gibraltar 2019 and Anastasia Laurynchuk Miss World Belarus 2019.

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