Team Colombia for International Beauty Pageants 2019

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Reina Hispanoamericana Colombia 2019 Laura Claro Coronel
Reina Hispanoamericana Colombia 2019 Laura Claro Coronel

This 22-year-old Colombian beauty competed in Miss Colombia 2019 held on 12th November 2018 and later in July this year, she was appointed Reina Hispanoamericana Colombia 2019. She stands 168 cm tall and holds a degree in Business Administration. She is a fluent speaker of English and French. A disciplined, constant and passionate woman, Laura understands the problems her country faces and is determined to something for Colombia. She is also an avid sports lover and loves ecotourism, listening to music and volunteering for the less favoured community in her spare time.For her, to become a national representative means being an agent of change that represents her country at culture and historical level.With her beauty, intelligence, grace and elegance, Laura will for sure be a strong delegate at the international contest to be held this year.

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