The Iconic Miss Universe Queens

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Sushmita Sen The Epitome of Womanhood
Sushmita Sen The Epitome of Womanhood

Sushmita Sen, the first Indian Miss Universe, who is much loved for her eloquence and humbleness, is also a popular Bollywood film actress and model. Sushmita, who in her final answer of Miss Universe 1994 won the hearts by narrating the essence of woman, adopted a baby girl in 2000, which she named Renée. She, as a single woman of only 25 years of age, was not viewed as socially acceptable to obtain the guardianship of the baby. However, the High Court of Bombay quashed the appeal and she obtained gain of cause. In 2010, she adopted a three-month-old girl and named her Alisah, and proved the ideal of womanhood by being the mother of two kids without getting married.

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