Here is why Megan Young will always be one of the best Miss World Winners

01 Apr 2016 | Angelopedia

On March 31’ 2016 during an Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) titled “Faces and Spaces: The Geography of Beauty Pageants”, Besana shared his behind-the-scenes experience as a pageant coach with the participants and opened up that Megan Young’s victory was in some way an easy one.

Adding further he says - "The reason why she won is because she did her job as a candidate properly," Besana said of the actress and beauty queen, "When she won, you can see her fellow beauty queens clapping for her."

"She's very likable. Until now, marami siyang co-candidates na mahal siya (he loved)," he continued, "Megan is a very genuine person. She was genuine in her relationship (with the contestants and the organization)."

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Here is why Megan Young will always be one of the best Miss World winners


The coach further added that when he would meet candidates from the Miss World pageant in 2013, they would always ask how "Meggy" is doing.

Giving a Miss World like Megan Young, the coach is still getting praises by his students and other co-contestants, and he himself feel proud of that.

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Aside from polishing her beauty, he helped her groom her personality as per the standards of a true pageant diva. As per him, beauty is secondary, and what comes first is how enticingly you present yourself in front of the judges and the audience.

Even after her the completion of her reign, Megan Young continues to work with the Miss World Organization.

Megan Young is someone who could effortlessly overcome any poor situation and can handle it without loosing her elegance. True?