Alex Lauren Evangelou to plant her way to Miss England 2020?

29 Jul 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Alex Lauren Evangelou, a social work student at oxford Brooke’s university, is all set to compete for Miss England 2020 within the South-west region (Wiltshire) trying to claim the title of Miss South West 2020. If she wins, she will become the official delegate of Miss England 2020. She is 24 years of age.

Along with trying to clench the title, Alex is also raising awareness about CO2 emissions. She is working with ‘We Do Ethical’ who is an award-winning brand working with people and businesses to give them the knowledge and power to get a CO2 status and offset their carbon footprints to help our world become carbon neutral, starting with the UK by 2050.



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“A part of the competition is to raise awareness of co2 and to fundraise tree pledges. These ‘tree planting pledges help to reduce climate change and reach our number one goal of offsetting the worlds annual carbon emissions, starting with the UK's by 2050. The trees you plant help end poverty and hunger for forest families in Africa, whilst creating biodiversity for many species of wildlife and cleaner air for us all to breathe’”, she says.

Alex will be fundraising for this amazing cause by setting numerous ‘green’ challenges. This year has been hard for all the social activities due to lockdown due to coronavirus but Alex has not given up. She has though out of the box and found several ways. She has so far raised £100 which is equivalent to planting 200 trees!



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The green challenges she has taken part in so far are green slime bath plunge, only eating green foods for 24hrs and 5k run across her local nature reserve. She is a strong minded and caring individual who will never give up. She has also been taking part in Bournemouth’s beach clean every other Sunday and she is hopefully going to be setting up her own canal clean within Wiltshire in the next few weeks. Alex seems like a strong contender for the regional crown and can win if she keeps working with same sincerity and dedication.