Miss Universe calling for Alina Sanko?

30 Dec 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Russia is yet to appoint/crown a representative to Miss Universe 2020 as the international pageant has been postponed to the first trimester of 2021. While the country did not participate in Miss Universe last year, there hasn’t been any announcement of a national pageant due to rampant spread of covid-19 across the globe.

With the highest possibility of an appointment soon, there are a few names that are being considered to be strong contenders for the title. Alina Sanko, a Russian model, is definitely one of our favourite for the crown.



The 21-year-old stunner was born in Azov and currently resides in Moscow. She attends the Moscow State University of Land Management where she is studying architecture. Alina is fond of arts as drawing is her passion. She expresses her thoughts, emotions, feelings and mood through her work.

Not new to the pageantry, Alina represented Azov at Miss Russia 2019. Alina was given the opportunity to represent Russia in both Miss World 2019 and Miss Universe 2019, however, due to conflicting dates she only competed in Miss World. At Miss World 2019, Alina competed with absolute grace and finished in Top 12.



Alina’s artistic ability, confidence and her determination will be the sheer force to guide her towards performing to the best of her ability if she gets the opportunity to represent Russia at Miss Universe 2020. In our opinion, she will surely win a top placement at Miss Universe in the IMG era.