Miss World Guam 2016 Contestants Meet the Reigning Queen

08 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

The finalists of the 2016 Miss World Guam gathered at the Paradise Fitness Centre to attend a workshop by Aria Perez Theisen, the reigning title holder of Miss World Guam. The young and athletic beauty explained how confidence and a good posture while walking can reflect the personalities of the contestants in the way they want.

Miss World Guam 2016 Contestants Meet the Reigning Queen

She gave good tips on how to walk and pose. She also asked the contestants to remember to keep their shoulders back, comfortably, so that they come out as positive and dignified. She assured the finalists that practise can make them perfect in a matter of time.
The Miss World Guam 2016 finalists are preparing well for the grand finale on 12th October where Aria Perez Theisen, Miss World Guam 2015 will crown her successor. 
Watch the video here:

This is not the first time that workshops were organized for the Miss World Guam contestants. Even in the orientation with the pageant director, Kaye Custodio, Aria Perez and the runner-ups were present, during which Aria explained that the pageant is all about beauty with a purpose and who is best to create an influence with that.
The Miss World Guam finalists have also had a workshop with the 1st runner-up at Miss Guam 2015, Tiara Lizama, on confidence building, fitness and nutrition. Tiara gave useful tips and ideas on fitness, diet, and workout routines which would help the contestants not just during the pageant but their daily lives, too.
Krystal Paco helped the contestants with tips on public speaking and professional etiquettes.  She gave a very useful tip to the contestants for banishing their nervousness- ‘just trick your mind to think that you are not nervous, you are just excited’. She also explained how giving a pause before speaking can help avoid the extra ‘-ums’ between phrases. She concluded by saying that the crown holder will be only one, but each one of the finalists will still be a winner.
Well, this thought is true for the finalists of Miss World Guam 2016, who are beaming with confidence and dignity. This itself is a win! Isn’t it?