Miss Universe Japan 2015 Ariana Miyamoto’s journey from combating racial prejudice to a successful beauty queen

27 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Beauty pageants have always been the promoter of feminism as they empower women to become strong individuals of the society. Miss Universe Japan is an organization that crowns a queen to represent Japan at the grand stage of Miss Universe and in 2015 the organization proved to be fair and unbiased against racial discrimination by crowing Ariana Miyamoto of Nagasaki.

Born in 1994, Miyamoto was the daughter of a Japanese mother and an African American father, who was stationed at a United States Navy base in Sasebo. At the age, of thirteen, she moved to America for two years where she attended Jacksonville High School. Upon returning back to Japan, she wasn’t embraced by her classmates and faced huge discrimination for being a mixed-race girl. "Whenever the teacher told us to hold hands, other children thought my black skin would rub off on them, so they said, 'Don't touch me'", said Miyamoto while sharing her memories of discrimination. Her life had never been easy after returning from America as she worked odd jobs including a bartender to complete her high school.



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Things began to fall in place after she won the regional beauty contest Miss Nagasaki 2015 which gave her the right to represent her province in Miss Universe Japan 2015. With her astonishing beauty and outstanding performance, she took over the hearts of the jury and was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2015 slamming all the trolls she had received as a child. Her victory in Miss Universe Japan allowed her to represent Japan in Miss Universe 2015 where she managed to be placed in the list of top 10 finalists. Despite making a remarkable victory at the stage of Miss Universe Japan 2015, she was disapproved by many people for not having a typical Japanese appearance. She became the first multiracial woman to win Miss Universe Japan. Miyamoto now works as an activist and aims to eradicate racial discrimination from her country.



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The diva has proved that life can be challenging sometimes but if a person sets a goal and works hard to achieve it, there’s nothing that has the potential of holding him back. Even after growing up in a biased environment, Ariana shone as a diamond with her uniqueness and individuality. The 25-year-old beauty from Nagasaki is indeed a grandeur in the world of beauty pageants and is an inspiration to thousands of young women. Her stunning figure and enchanting personality are adorned by her picture-perfect smile and tiny beautiful eyes. The grace, poise, and eloquence with which she carries herself is impeccable and her invincible confidence adds tons to her beauty. This diligent diva became a mother after delivering a baby boy on 4th June 2018. We wish her a lifetime of happiness and a lot of success for her future.