Mexico’s steady placement at Miss Universe through recent years

28 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe is considered as one of the most prestigious beauty pageants which celebrates women of all culture and backgrounds as it not only aims to empower the women but also serve as a platform that recognizes their goals and ambitious through various experience and activities that are held. The pageant aims to encourage women to build self- confidence and create opportunities for success.

One of the reasons why Miss Universe pageants has acquired the status of being one of the most prestigious pageants is because not only it empowers the women who represent different countries but also helps in breaking the stereotypes.


Mexico’s steady placement at Miss Universe through recent years


Mexico’s representatives have performed exceptionally well in the last decade acquiring top positions at the competition and heading onto a successful journey after their reign. The delegates of Mexico who are trained, mentored and taught about showcasing their talent, opinions and emotions to other people present in the audience have done it so well that even today they are remembered for the performances.   

Ximena Navarrete who represented Mexico at Miss Universe 2010 not only won the title of Miss Universe 2010 but also broke a long halt after Lupita Jones who was crowned Miss Universe 1999. The Mexican beauties have always put their best foot forward and performed exceedingly well in the competition and even though they couldn’t win the title, they won many hearts and appreciation from the judges and audience for being one of a kind.


Ximena Navarrete Miss Universe 2010


Some of the most remembered delegates of Mexico at Miss Universe stage are Miss Universe Mexico 2004 Josselyn Garciglia, Miss Universe Mexico 2015 Wendy Esparza who was placed at Top 15, Miss Universe Mexico 2016 Kristal Silva who was placed at Top 9, Miss Universe Mexico 2017 Denisse Franco Pina, Miss Universe Mexico 2018 Andrea Isabel Toscano who later went onto represent Mexico at Miss International 2019 and recently Miss Universe Mexico 2019 Sofía Aragón who was adjudged the title of 2nd runner-up during the competition. All these ladies showed steady placement in the last few years brining Mexico very close to winning another crown.


Mexico’s steady placement at Miss Universe through recent years


The representation of Mexico at Miss Universe beauty pageant has been strong, determined and very appreciable. The delegates have been promoting and encouraging women not only in Mexico but across the globe to stand up for themselves and work towards their dreams. They also take up some important issues like education, environment, bullying, mental health awareness etc., to advocate and raise awareness.

The Mexican beauties are trained and mentored for not only physical activities but mental and emotional too. They work on their walks, confidence and communication skills for the competition. The delegates take keen interest in their national costumes as they want to represent the right side of Mexico to everyone. They might have only won the title twice in the history of Miss Universe but their voices are heard and has made an impact in the society in a positive way.

Mexico will select its next representative for Miss Universe in June where Miss Universe Mexico 2019 Sofía Aragón will crown her successor at the grand coronation night of Mexicana Universal 2020.


Miss Universe Mexico 2019 Sofía Aragón