Multicultural beauty Windy Wulandari Binti Anif for Miss World Australia 2020 crown?

27 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss World Australia 2020 is all set to crown its new queen who will represent Australia at Miss World 2020 pageant. With the national competition all set, the provinces are selecting their finalists who would represent them and compete for the national crown.

Recently, Queensland announced their delegates for the state finals which will be held on 12th June 2020. The delegates will be competing for the final spot at the state finals and a step closer to the main event. The divas are excited to be a part of such prestigious platform where they get to represent their culture and values onstage. One delegate that has caught our attention is Windy Wulandari Binti Anif.



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Windy is an Indonesian-Afghan who lives in Australia. Windy has permanent residence status of Australia and works as a chef and a professional model. Windy will compete with these 15 finalists and 5 selected contestants will be selected for the final of Miss World Australia 2020.

Windy expressed her happiness for being selected as a finalist for the competition by thanking everyone who helped her to stayed motivated throughout the journey. She feels honored and excited to be a part of a platform where she will be showcasing not only Australian culture but the amalgamation of Indonesian and Australian culture. Even though the diva lives in Australia, she is very proud of her roots that lie in Indonesia.

The diva also explained that it is her honor to work with such empowering organization who has helped her on the journey of ‘beauty with a purpose’. According to Windy, ‘Beauty with a purpose’ is not only limited by how one looks, but the meaning is more than that! Beauty is diversity and diversity are unique. Your height, your weight, your ethnicity, your belief and your heart it is beautiful on their own unique ways. The only things that will make you more stand out is your heart and your true intentions!



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She will be competing for the title of Miss Queensland 2020 at the State Finale after which she will be representing Queensland at Miss World Australia 2020. Miss Universe Australia 2020 is not Windy’s first pageant competition. She was a part of Miss Galaxy Australia 2020 where she was placed as the fourth runner-up. She then decided to participate for Miss World Australia 2020 and she has discovered that it is not only the beauty that the organization is looking or searching for but also mind, voice, mission and to share what one believes in.

Windy is a victim of bullying since she was a kid and even until now it affects her emotionally. The diva explains that “It wasn’t a physical bully, but more into emotional level and makes me believe having dark skin is ugly.” Being called out for having a dark skin put her in a bad state but she decided to fight through it and to the people who calling me ugly and disgusting to have dark skin. Standing as a state finalist for Miss Universe Australia 2020, makes her so proud that she has conquered her insecurities.

She is a positive advocate about the same and shares her stories on her social media where she encourages the women who deal with the same bullying.  She states, “You are NOT ALONE!! We are strong! Surround yourself with good people and positive environment.”



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Windy is very close to her family and she specially mentioned her father who has always pushed her and supported her to follow her dreams. In one of her post, she mentioned, “He told me to be humble and be myself, no matter how people treat you like shit and push you down. Forgive them who hurts you and move on, it makes you stronger as a person. This is life”.

Even being a newbie to the pageantry, Windy made sure that with her hard work and determination she stands as one of the strongest contenders in the state finals and aims to win Miss World Australia 2020 title. If she wins, she won’t be making only Australia proud but also Indonesia.