Anahita Rehbein crowned the new Miss Germany 2018

26 Feb 2018 | Irina Silva

Anahita Rehbein from Baden-Württemberg was crowned the new Miss Germany on 24th February 2018. She was also in our Top 5 favourites from the competition. In the final, she prevailed against 21 competitors for the title. Alena Krempl (24) from Rhineland-Palatinate and Sarah Zahn (22) from Bavaria came in second and third.

At the election in the Europapark Rust, the candidates presented themselves in evening dresses and swimwear. The jury included model Monica Ivancan, TV star Giuliana Farfalla, politician Wolfgang Bosbach and cosmetic surgeon Werner Mang.   

The new beauty queen Anahita Rehbein is 23 years old, lives in Stuttgart and studies educational science. She talks about herlsef: "In addition to the love of nature, one of my greatest passions is definitely the sport in my daily life, above all my ambition, my positive attitude to life and, last but not least, my open and heartfelt nature."

We at Angelopedia had also mentioned how Anahita was most likely to win the Miss Germany 2018 title.

Anahita Rehbein crowned the new Miss Germany 2018

(Photo Credits - Miss Germany Facebook Official)

"It's a dream come true for me, I could embrace the whole world," she said after the election. She will interrupt her studies of educational science for a year and concentrate on working as a beauty queen during this time.

Among other things, the young woman with dark blond hair and blue-grey eyes received a compact car and jewellery, travel and clothes for a year next to the Krone. According to the organizers, "Miss Germany" is the oldest and most important beauty contest in Germany, it has existed since 1927. It is voted annually.

Rehbein, which originally came from the small community of Inzigkofen near Sigmaringen in the region of Lake Constance-Upper Swabia, had become "Miss Bodensee International" and "Miss Baden-Württemberg" last year, thus qualifying for the nationwide election. Her term as "Miss Germany" is one year.


The 22 "Miss Germany" finalists presented themselves in the election of a jury in evening dress as well as in swimwear. Vice-Queen was the wholesale and foreign trade clerk Alena Krempl (24) from Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate, third place went to the 21-year-old educator Sarah tooth from Dachau in Bavaria.

"It's going to be a very exciting year," she says, looking at "Miss Germany". A life's work is not it: "Beauty is transient," says Rehbein in Swabian dialect, which the new "Miss Germany" speaks fluently, and will not hide in the future, as she emphasizes: "It is my native language."

In the audience, her two grandmothers, three younger siblings and her parents keep their fingers crossed. "It's the first time in three years that Dad and Mom are back together. That means a lot to me. "The couple lives separately, but supports the daughter, as Mother Carina tells on the sidelines of the event. This is also shown by the name: Anahita comes from Persian and means "love goddess" or "the worthy of worship". The family, says "Miss Germany", is for her a value that has high priority.