How Heartbreak inspired Angelique De Leon to turn her Pain into Power

08 Jun 2017 | Angelopedia

Heartbreaks are never easy... While some sulk in to its pain, there are few who decide to overcome the pain and make the best out of the worst. One such inspiring story is of Angelique De Leon. Yes, remember the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 stunner Binibini 12? Well, yes Angelique’s journey to becoming a beauty pageant contestant was not easy, and what motivated her to do so was, well of course you guessed it right, Heartbreak.

Let’s take you back to the time when Angelique De Leon used to be this chubby girl. Initially, Angelique said that she really wanted to join Binibining Pilipinas that’s why she strived to lose weight, but that was really not the case. It was just part of a story. Angelique was in a relationship with her ex boyfriend for 7 long years, before it hit rock bottom. 7 years is a long time to surpass the commitment phobic zone and enter the comfort zone where you can be yourself and looks don’t really matter beyond that certain period of time. This is exactly what Angelique thought, but to her disappointment that was not the case with her then boyfriend. She said she was a hopeless romantic and believed that gaining weight won’t matter in their relationship, only to find out that she was wrong.


How Heartbreak inspired Angelique De Leon to turn her Pain into Power


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When they broke up, Angelique and her ex-boyfriend agreed to not date people in their circle of friends and also those they met because of each other. However, to Angelique’s surprise, her ex-boyfriend wanted to date a friend of her’s. She felt incredibly insecure because the girl was thin and she was consumed by the feeling that she was not enough.

Despite of all odds, Angelique tried to save the relationship. One fine day when the beauty queen called her ex to patch things up, who was watching Binibining Pilipinas 2010 at that time. The guy kept saying “how beautiful and sexy the candidates were.” That’s when Angelique stopped crying and snapped back by saying, “You know what? You will see me in Binibining Pilipinas and I won’t even remember your number if you try to call me.”


How Heartbreak inspired Angelique De Leon to turn her Pain into Power


Rest is just history now. She is 5’8” tall, she is slender, gorgeous, incredibly beautiful, and she is everything every woman would want to be. Who wouldn’t want her? Right? Well, her ex-boyfriend too texted her on her 2014 Binibining Pilipinas appearance and Angelique responded with, “who’s this?” Now, that’s what we call an “in your face” moment.

Before joining Binibining Pilipinas in 2014, Angelique worked as a media relations officer for Summit Media. At present, she's managing a corporate image company.

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How Leon handled her heartbreak is truly inspiring. Instead of trying to save a dead and toxic relation, Angelique chose to save herself and defy the reason that led to the break up. And, all this not to get back the man, but to show what she is capable of and well also to show what the guy missed out on!! So, are you inspired by Angelique De Leon’s journey? 


How Heartbreak inspired Angelique De Leon to turn her Pain into Power