Kimberly Hakenson advocating for the W.I.N. at Miss Universe Philippines 2020

18 May 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Kimberly Hakenson, a Senior Lead Cabin Crew for Cebu Pacific, is representing Cavite in Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and ever since her participation, Billie has been busy promoting her advocacy for her win. Her winning cause, also called W.I.N. (Women Empowerment and Individual Advocates towards Nature and wildlife preservation and responsiveness) has impressed everyone with this comprehensive self-penned advocacy.



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After achieving so many milestones with a degree, a job she really wanted and supporting her sibling’s education, Billie’s next step moved towards working towards upliftment of women. “I’ve always supported women especially in terms of their life choices, gave them advice and the likes, support them in whatever endeavor they want to participate in. But it’s not enough. We see the news, and everyday something bad happens, something worse and it just makes me desperate and helpless at the same time. I always ask myself what can I do? And often times I feel useless and little”, she explains.

After participation in various seminars, Billie understood how women are very much capable of reshaping what is happening. She explained the example for the same as she said, “Almost every single household is ran by a female figure whether it be the mom, the ate, lola, or even the nanny and them saying that “No, In This Household, We Will Not Use Plastics”, Or “Segregation Of Trash Is A Must”; These very simple house rules set by a female figure in every single household can massively contribute in lessening the trash in the ocean and more.”



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Billie has definitely worked hard for her advocacy and has become a strong contender for the national crown. Her unique beauty, confidence, dedication and such a strong advocacy will help her in making a strong position in Miss Universe Philippines 2020 which has been moved to October 2020.