Catalina Morales will Sweep you off the Floor with her National Costume. Literally..!!

14 Nov 2015 | Angelopedia

Come Miss Universe 2015, and there will be a burst of all sorts of creative and unique National Costumes coming from different countries. Be it Miss Universe Sweden Paulina Brodd’s National Costume inspired by King Gustav III original design which was introduced in 1778, or Aniporn Chalermburanawong Miss Universe Thailand’s Tuk Tuk costume, the Miss Universe National Costume round is going to be a grand carnival. The latest to get into the league is Puerto Rico’s Catalina Morales.

Catalina is going to sweep you off the floor with her National Costume, quite literally. The brunette will be wearing a costume made out of Creole flooring tiles as an ode to Puerto Rico’s Hispanic influenced architecture. However, the costume has received many negative feedbacks over the social media from pageant fans and followers. “What I can say is that I like the suit, this is a 'national costume competition' Miss Universe, which means national costume, not so much a costume. The reality is that every year there is a competition; we have to find a variety of topics. We cannot repeat the costume.”, said Catalina defending her costume.


Catalina Morales will Sweep you off the Floor with her National Costume. Literally


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She added, "I think it's something cool to do something different. Part of the suit has a dramatic effect, because it starts as a simple skirt and you cannot imagine that opens and becomes so great wall."

In a report from El Nuevo Dia, Miss Universe Puerto Rico and Miss Universe 1995 top 6 placer, Desiree Lowry explained why they picked that concept for the costume…

We chose the tiles costume because it was something quite different. We want other aspects of Puerto Rico to stand out and that will linger in people’s mind, especially because Catalina is going to look beautiful. I found a good nostalgic feeling of the island which can be found in the concept of these old structures. The design convinced me because it has the ‘wow factor’. Now people want to talk, to comment about it..

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The designer of the National Costume, Jaer Cabán, was also the designer of the national costume that Gabriela Berrios wore in Miss Universe 2014 in Doral. He explains that each vinyl tile is handmade and no two tiles are alike making a truly unique costume. The costume presented to the media has yet to be finalised with its last piece of headpiece that will be presented later in Vegas. What is your take on the National Costume..??