Chile’s Daniela Nicolás to wear ‘La Pincoya’ inspired costume at Miss Universe 2020

23 Dec 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Chile organization revealed the official National Costume that Miss Universe Chile 2020 Daniela Nicola´s will be wearing at the 2020 edition of Miss Universe. While the costume is yet to be revealed, the organization has revealed the final sketch of the costume which will be designed by Eduardo Cerda.



For the first time in history, they will use a fantasy inspired by La Pincoya, an imaginary creature belonging to the mythology of Chiloé, in southern Chile.

La Pincoya has the appearance of a young and a very beautiful woman, with long blonde hair. Unlike the Chiloe mermaid (who has a fish tail), she has a completely human appearance. The legend says that she appears from the depths of the sea, semi-dressed in a sargassum costume to dance on the beaches and that, through the orientation of her dance, she signals whether the fishing will be abundant or scarce in the coming season.



Daniela won her first crown as Miss Universe Chile 2020 on 21st November 2020. She is new to the beauty pageant world but since she has worked as an actress and on television industry, she is aware about the environment of a set. She has worked with designers and brands in Chile which has helped her to gain some experience in the field of modelling and the diva wants to explore more of that and thus, she decided to participate in Miss Universe Chile 2020.

How stunning will Daniela look in the national costume at Miss Universe 2020?