Miss Universe calling for Sophea Nhat?

23 Dec 2020 | Ana Walia

The divas who have represented Cambodia at the Miss Universe stage have performed with immense confidence, dedication, and have manged to impress the audience and the judges and secure high positions at the competition. Even though Cambodia is yet to win the Miss Universe crown, the representatives have been appreciated for their performance.

One of the divas that has caught our attention is Sophea Nhat who seems like an ideal candidate to represent Cambodia at the Miss Universe stage in future. Sophea is 22-years-old and stands 170 cm tall and studies at the Phnom Penh international University and works as a professional model who is passionate about representing Cambodia at international stage.



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Sophea is not new to the world of beauty pageant but was the first representative of Cambodia at Miss International 2017 stage as she was adjudged as the first runner-up at Miss Grand Cambodia 2017. She was highly appreciated for her performance at the competition and with the same confidence and attitude, she could be a great representative of Cambodia at Miss Universe stage.

The diva is strong, confident, and determination towards representing Cambodia at international stage and perform her best at the competition. She feels immensely proud that she has been able to represent her country at Miss International 2017 stage and for the first time. She strongly feels that beauty is not the external beauty but something that can be defined as one’s actions and compassion towards others. She speaks Khmer, English, and Chinese languages fluently.



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The diva is a very positive and strong headed woman who desires to bring the recognition to her country and she’d be honoured to represent Cambodia at Miss Universe 2021. She is very focused and determined with her goals and gives her best to achieve them. She wants every woman out there to understand their importance and start valuing oneself because at the end of the day all you have is you.

Sophea is a potential candidate for representing Cambodia at Miss Universe 2021 as she is experienced in the field of pageantry and has worked with various experienced designers, photographers and brands which has helped her perfect her walk and confidence on-stage. She is very close to her culture and whenever gets a chance likes to embrace it. With her confidence, dedication, and intelligence, she is perfect for the position to represent Cambodia at international stage if she decides to participate.