Daria Matic emerging as the potential winner of Miss Universe Croatia 2020

09 Mar 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Miss Universe Croatia 2020 is all set to host its coronation night on 13 March 2020 in Zagreb. Contestants from all over Croatia will vie for the crown and the winner will thereby be the official representative of Croatia in Miss Universe 2020.

Among all the other excellent contenders, Daria Matic of Split stands out because of her charm and eloquence. Daria is 22-years-old and is going to represent the province of Split in Miss Universe Croatia. A barber by profession, Daria has well-styled long and beautiful hair.

She is a perfect combination of beauty with brains and that's what makes her a potential candidate this year. From having an enchanting personality to being the owner of great ideologies, Matic shall leave no stones unturned to win the crown.



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The poise and grace with which she carries herself is impeccable. With big beautiful eyes and a picture-perfect smile, she fulfills every trait needed to become a titleholder. Daria has become the favorite contestant of the audience and most of the people even compare her to former Miss Universe Colombia, Ariadna María Gutiérrez Arévalo. Her eyes and lips are similar to that of Ariadna and undoubtedly, she resembles this beauty from Colombia.

As a barber, she loves hairdressing and is really good at makeovers. She is fond of traveling and often keeps exploring the world. Daria is a fitness freak and never skips her meals. She is true to her workout regime and it is evident by her flawless figure.



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Her philosophy of life is simply trusting it. To believe in herself and see the wonders that can happen. She suggests people to work hard and wait for the right time as everything comes to the person when the time is right.

Matic is competent enough and has immense potential to make her way to the crown. Her dedication, discipline, and sincerity can make her a winner this year. If Daria wins the crown of Miss Universe Croatia 2020, she will be representing Croatia in Miss Universe 2020.