USA at Miss Universe pageant and Deshauna Barber’s winning odds

16 Nov 2016 | Angelopedia

The most anticipated of all, the most exciting of all and the most talked about of all pageants, the Miss Universe pageant, is slated to be held on 30th January 2017. With the finale lined up in two months, the pageant fanatics are vouching their bets for this year. We are sure, you too must be having a favourite contender who you think will definitely clinch the crown this year. But, our today’s discussion is not about favourites or the front runners, in fact it is about the country that is one of the strongest sashes in the race of international pageants, but has been missing out on the crown. Our topic of discussion today is about USA.

USA has a total of 8 Miss Universe winners till date. Also, there is no doubt that the country has the best of representatives for the Miss Universe pageant, and all of them have been well deserved candidates. Still, in the last 3 years we have seen that the American beauties have failed to achieve the crown even after making their way to the runners-up circle. In 2013, Erin Brady of USA made it to the Top 10 finalists. In 2014, Nia Sanchez missed the cut and landed at the first runner-up spot. Similarly, in 2015 Olivia Jordan smiled her way to the second runner-up spot.

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USA at Miss Universe pageant and Deshauna Barber’s winning odds


All three of them were beautiful, all three of them were confident, and all had the potential to be crowned as the Miss Universe. Yet, somehow the country kept on missing the crown. Why? What was it that was lacking in the delegates from USA? Maybe it was a “Deshauna Barber”.


USA at Miss Universe pageant and Deshauna Barber’s winning odds


Yes, Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber is debatably one of the most well-spoken Miss USA winners to date, as evident from her Q&A round at the Miss USA 2016 pageant. Deshauna’s Q&A round was majorly responsible for her crowning as Miss Universe. She answered the question with full conviction, bravado and in a cohesive and systematic way.

Ditching the camouflage over glittery gowns and high-heeled shoes, Deshauna in true sense looks like a strong warrior who is all set to fight her battle to the coveted crown. Coming from a military background, Deshauna knows how to fight, never surrender and be tactical. If you thought that is all this beauty has, then you have got to check this out. Deshauna is an extremely bright and educate candidate for the title this year. She graduated with a business management degree from Virginia State University back in 2011. She later went on to finish her master's degree in management information systems. Adding charm to her strong qualifications, Deshauna also has a beautiful body with an astounding height of 5’10”. She may not be the obvious favourite for the Miss Universe 2016 crown, but is undeniably a strong contender USA has chosen this year.

Pageant followers are highly positive about Deshauna’s chances at the Miss Universe 2016, and who knows she might just win the crown this year. She can be the surprise element at the pageant. Eyes might not be on her, but the last segment of the finale is most likely going to be hers.

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Coming back to USA’s performance at the Miss Universe pageant, well this year might actually come out as an answer as to why it never happened all these years. Maybe it was that vigour, that Deshauna has, that was missing in the previous years. What do you think? Can Deshauna Barber bring the Miss Universe 2016 crown for the USA? Can she be the next Miss Universe?