Emma Maree Edwards to follow in the footsteps of Esma Voloder for Miss World Australia 2020?

31 Jan 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

In a recent announcement by Miss World Australia Organization, Emma Maree Edwards, an inspiring young Muslim woman, will be competing in the national competition of Miss World Australia 2020. The organization announced, “Another beautiful new contestant to meet! Emma is an inspiring young Muslim woman, who will be competing in the 2020 competition. We can’t wait to see what her future holds.”



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Emma cannot wait to begin her journey in the pageant as she definitely has prepared herself to give a strong competition to the other ladies. She wishes to get behind the organization’s mission and values as they serve to crown the best queen to represent Australia in Miss World 2020.

Emma’s face greatly resembles Leighton Meester, the actor who played Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. With the comparison, Emma sure has impressed everyone with her beauty and charm. The stunning Australian beauty believes in inner beauty and not the outer version. She says, “As a Muslim woman I truely believe in ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ and by that I mean beauty doesn’t come from her features, shade of skin, or her dress size. True beauty is in her heart and her intentions to the world around her.”



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If Emma wins the opportunity to compete in Miss World Australia 2020 and wins the national title, she will be following in the footsteps of Esma Voloder who was crowned Miss World Australia 2017 as she represented Australia in Miss World 2017. Emma is definitely a beauty with brain and shows great promise for the contest.

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