Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc awarded with Fashion Beauty Miss World Vietnam 2022 title

20 Apr 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss World Vietnam organisation is currently underway with its Vietnam Beauty Fashion Week. Following the success of the first night, the second night of Vietnam Beauty Fashion Fest, under the directorship of Hoang Nhat Nam, brought sublime performances and impressive collections.

The grand fashion party was held at Victory Square, Danko city urban area and saw collections from talented designers like Vo Thanh Can, Ha Thanh Viet and Pham Dang Anh Thu. At the end of the event, the winners of ‘Fashion Beauty’ category were revealed.



The title of "Fashion Beauty" Miss World Vietnam 2022 went to Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc while rest of the Top 5 included Bui Khanh Linh, Vo Thi Thuong, Nguyen Thuy Linh and Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong.

Aside from the fashion fest, the contestants are also undergoing other sub contests like Travel Beauty, Talented Beauty, interspersed with afternoon tea space activities. The contestant who wins the Travel Beauty contest will be honored with a special honor in the Top 20 finals nationwide.

The winner of this year’s edition will succeed Miss World Vietnam 2020 Ðo Thi Hà who represented Vietnam at Miss World 2021 and won a place in the Top 13 of the competition among entrants from over 90 countries.