All about Femina Miss India 2023 Nandini Gupta for Miss World 2024

05 Dec 2023 | Priya Bhardwaj

Harboring a dream since she was 10 years of age, Nandini Gupta made her dream come true on Saturday, 15th April 2023 at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium in Imphal, Manipur as she was crowned Femina Miss India 2023 and became India’s official representative at Miss World 2024.

Nandini Gupta is 19 years of age who grew up in Kota, Rajasthan. She attended school at St Paul’s Senior Secondary School and earned a degree in business management. On winning the national crown, Nandini was elated to be chosen from the batch of superbly talented delegates.



“From Kota, a small town in India, to the world stage, I am overwhelmed and honoured to be crowned as Femina Miss India World 2023. It's still sinking in that I've achieved this dream of a lifetime. This journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, filled with hard work, determination, and unwavering support”, Nandini wrote.

For Nandini, philanthropist and businessman Sir Ratan Tata and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra are her inspiration. “He does everything for humanity and donates most of it to charity. Loved by millions and always grounded,” she said.

As for Priyanka Chopra, it was the global icon who inspired Nandini to pursue pageantry. “Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, who received the national title at a very young age, likewise she made India proud at the national and international level. She gave back to society and excelled as an actor. She inspires people, has a great sense of humour and has the zeal to gain more as she grows”, Nandini quoted.



Nandini moved to Mumbai eight months ago to study business management. After finishing her studies, the stunning beauty plans to start her own business after she finishes her reign. She wants to be a businesswoman and create jobs, because she believes ‘when you do charity, you feed them only once. But when you provide job, you feed them throughout their lives… even their families’.

I come from Kota which is famous for Kota doria fabric. Women who work on it end up with a hand disability because they continuously work on it using their hands. I want to give them proper working conditions and not exploit them and also popularise our fabric”, she quoted.



Nandini also wants to create awareness around mental health through her reign. If Nandini wins the Miss World 2024 crown for her country, she will become the seventh winner from India. India already shares the leader board with Venezuela with six wins each, currently dominating Miss World.